Upcoming Drinkalongs

(All drinkalongs start at 9:30CDT/10:30EDT pm)


May 27 – Teen Wolf

June 3 – Major League

June 10 – Hunt for the Wilderpeople

June 17 – Meatballs

June 23 – The Big Lebowski

June 24 – Wet Hot American Summer

July 1 – Addams Family Values

July 8 – Troop Beverly Hills

July 15 – Camp Takota



∴ Bryan’s birthday drinkalong







If you have a birthday coming up (and participate at least semi-regularly), let me know a few weeks ahead of time which movie you’d like to watch for your birthday and which weekend is good for you.  ❤

22 thoughts on “Upcoming Drinkalongs

  1. I too need to get the IRC sorted. Missed out on Mean Girls. I think I may have entered the wrong # for the server. I couldn’t see the pics on here clearly. and then couldn’t find #drinkalong to join up.

  2. You motherfuckers have booked out the ENTIRE MONTH PAST MY BIRTHDAY :O



  3. At first I just read where you wrote “Clue” and I was all “How will we watch a board game together? That’s crazy talk,” and then I got to the part after the colon where it said “The Movie” and I was like “Ohhhhhhh.”

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