How to IRC

Since I’ve spent a lot of time walking individual people through accessing IRC for drinkalongs, it seemed prudent to create a tutorial to help new people out.  I’ll cover the two easiest methods for PC.  The instructions won’t change much if you’re using a Mac app or something on your phone or tablet.


Port:  6668

Channel:  #drinkalong


download here

Download, run and install the mIRC Setup Wizard.  Finish, with Run mIRC selected.











IT’S SUPER EASY, and once you log in the first time, it saves all of your settings for you.


download here

When you open it, you’ll see a little box that looks like this.

IRC hexchat

Click on add and give your network a name.  Press enter to save.  Then select Edit.  This will pop up.

IRC hexchat 2

Click add.  Type the information exactly as you see it here.  Hit enter to save.  Close.

You’ll go back to that first box up there.  Make sure your Network is highlighted and click Connect.

IRC hexchat 3

Or you can type /join #drinkalong in the dialogue box.

IRC hexchat 4

IRC hexchat 5

You may not want to download something to your computer, though (and that’s cool, too), for that, Herc found this gem.



access here

You’ll need to sign up for an account here, but I’ve had mine for a while now, and  I only ever received the Welcome email.  No spam is always nice.

mibbit1 mibbit2 mibbit3 mibbit4

Now, the biggest drawback to mibbit is that sometimes it is down on Saturday nights.  If the movie isn’t on Netflix, I usually hook my laptop up to my tv, so can’t use mIRC, and rely on mibbit on my touchpad.  It was down a few weeks ago and I WAS SCRAMBLING.  Luckily there are some awesome iOS and Android apps available, and the logging in process is essentially the same.

In the Play Store, try AndChat.

For iOS, Heather really likes Mutter.  It is free and she took these screenshots of the set up for y’all.

IRC Mutter

IRC Mutter 2

If you need further assistance, go ahead and comment or hit me up at dodisharkicorn at gmail.