Teen Wolf Drinkalong

I don’t want to write anything, it has been a long week.

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Birthday/Memorial Drinkalong: Grease

Of all the books that have changed my life, the two series that have brought the most joy in the form of forever friends have to be Harry Potter and Stephen King’s Dark Tower.  Y’all know most of my HP friends cos they’re semi-regulars (shoutout to my DA folks <3), but DT brought me Will and Herc and so many others that I’m not going to name them all cos I don’t want to leave anyone out.  You see Will and Herc a lot of weeks, so their names are easily recognizable.

Someone most drinkalongers don’t know, one of my earliest DT friends, was Tiger.  There was this dumb (now) thing on the forum where people had signature banners depicting them as Rider of [x attribute].  Tiger was Rider of Strength, and when I think of her, it’s always like that.  Tiger, Rider of Strength.

She’s the reason why I tell people who ask for prayers or thoughts that I’m putting them in my pocket.  Countless people have picked this up from me, and from others who got it from her.  You want to make sure you’re sending out good thoughts and prayers?  Write their name down on a slip of paper and put it in your pocket.  Every time you touch that slip of paper, you’re reminded of why and the thoughts and prayers just kind of happen cos you’re thinking of them.  I carry so many of you in my pockets, and I know that I’m in many of yours.  And it’s a really fucking great feeling.

Tiger immensely loved the idea of the drinkalong.  She constantly wanted to make them, but could never figure out IRC.  I always laughed and shook my head and offered to walk her through it again.  Last Spring she messaged me on fb, asking if I could write rules for her for Grease.  She had some friends coming over and they were going to do a drinkalong IRL to the LIVE performance, and she wanted me to write it out so it was like I was there with her.

Tiger reached the clearing at the end of the path last September.  She would have been 50 on the 23rd of this month.  I wrote these rules for her last year, not dreaming we’d be having this drinkalong today without her.

She re-wrote them and added notes. I love this.

She was kind.  She was strong.  She was my friend.  I miss her PMs asking me to explain stupid shit like clearing her caches.  I miss her asking me what I was writing and if she could please read it, because “if anyone should be doing something with it, it should be [me].”  I miss her posting the same Big Lebowski articles on my wall every few weeks.  I just miss her.

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The Sandlot Drinkalong

I am terrible at remembering names or associating them with faces.  The best fail that turned into a win happened almost 20 years ago when I was trying to remember the name of the kid who plays Ham in this movie.  I’m actually not sure if I ever knew his name, but I was talking to husband and my friend K and getting super frustrated at my inability to remember even the CHARACTER’S name.  Finally, I said “Ugh, YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT! From The Sandlot?!  The fat headed red kid?!” And they both started laughing immediately, and it took a minute before I even realized what I’d said.

And since then he’s been the fat headed red kid to us.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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