Lilo and Stitch Drinkalong


I’ve told this story before, but about ten years ago we lived five miles away from Disneyland and had annual passes. When we first got them, we thought we’d be over it at the end of the year, but even though we went at least 150 times, it was still amazing every time.

Our now 17y/o’s favourite Disney movie has always been Lilo and Stitch. I can recite all of the dialogue from the next room if it’s on, that’s how many times we’ve watched it.

Along with his Lilo and Stitch obsession came a deep appreciation for the music of Elvis Presley (when we had a car with satellite radio, he frequently requested the Elvis station).

Anyway, they had this attraction in Tomorrowland that was always fucking deserted, cos no one really knew about it. You’d walk into this little tiki hut with a giant screen, push a button which would cause a phone to ring, and after some cute animations, you’d be connected to Stitch via video satellite.

Obviously, all of Stitch’s movements were prerecorded, but there was an actual cast member manning the voice. We went in there to “call” Stitch often enough that the cast members doing the voice recognized us.

“Hey, [son’s name]! How’re you and your brothers doing today?”

I think he knew it wasn’t really Stitch, but goddamn, it made him happy.

It got to the point where we’d let him make trips in there on his own while I played Viva Piñata and husband played Guitar Hero. We could still hear the conversations, and he liked thinking he was just kicking it with Stitch.

One night, I’m sitting outside the hut feeding the littlies some snacks, and can hear the kid asking something in a soopersrs tone, hear Stitch reply and then it goes a little quiet.

The next I know, I hear him and Stitch shoutsinging “but I got WIIIIIIIIIIIISE!” and they did ALL of “Devil in Disguise” together.

He still brings it up every time we hear this song.

See you guys tonight!

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