Postcards from the Edge Drinkalong


When I was in junior high, I went through a total Meryl Streep phase.  The movies I watched endlessly were this, She-Devil and Death Becomes Her.  I have no idea what sparked the interest, but I do remember seeing Carrie Fisher’s name in the credits and getting a little angry when I read the book.  Yes, even 13y/o me was a total pedant.

It feels gross to write a drinking game for this movie, so I’m not going to do it.  But I just watched the first half of it to find the scene pictured above so I could make this gif (seriously, internet, why are you so terrible sometimes, the only gif I could find of this scene was teeny and not even the part I wanted) and it’s just as funny as I remember it being.  It also made me sorta sad, but that’s to be expected.

I’ll see you guys tonight. ❤

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