Drop Dead Fred Drinkalong


Ughhhhh, I’ve been sitting here for the last hour trying to come up with rules and the only thing I could actually come up with was “drink when you realize that this movie is actually super sad.” But, like, that is either not enough or TOO MUCH so I’m just doing nothing this week.

Except…we lost Carrie Fisher at the end of December.  We’ve talked about doing Drop Dead Fred for YEARS.  It wasn’t until I brought up doing a Carrie Fisher month that we finally put it on the schedule.  There’s no reason we never got around to it, other than that I kept forgetting every time I wrote the damn thing.

Idk.  I can’t even brain enough today to talk about how sad her death has made me.  You all already know what just her existence meant to us.  I’m happy I get to watch some of her non-SW stuff with you over the next month.  I’ll try to do better with rules in the future, but can’t promise anything.  ❤


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