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I’m not even running behind or anything, I just don’t feel like writing and am gonna go watch some Bake Off.


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Flirting with Disaster Drinkalong


You know how there are movies or songs or bands or whatever that are forever on the tip of your tongue?  For some reason, every time I want to talk about the band Widespread Panic, the first thing that comes to mind is Stabbing Westward which I KNOW is wrong, but then all I can think of is how Stabbing Westward is totally not even close to the name of the band, but Widespread Panic just won’t come to me.

For years, this movie was like that for me.  I would try to talk about this hilarious movie that Ben Stiller was in with Patricia Arquette and everyone would be all “I think you mean Cameron Diaz” and I would tell them to fuck off cos I knew it wasn’t There’s Something About Mary.

“No, it’s that movie that J and I ended up seeing that one night when we were trying to win tickets to see the Refreshments and we had never even heard of it but there was nothing else playing that sounded remotely interesting, and then when we left the theatre, she accidentally pulled out the wrong way on a one way street and we were so lucky that it was late and no one else was driving and we had to pull over because we were laughing so hard?”

Which…does nothing to help anyone because no one else was there with us that night.

Anyway, this was that movie.  I know most of you haven’t seen it, but it’s pretty great with a stellar cast and I hope you enjoy it.


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