Love Actually Drinkalong

I am being lazy again.


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Boozy Shoes Drinkalongs


I AM LATE, SO NO TIME!  We’re watching this again and maybe that new Bill Murray holiday special after.  Everyone is welcome!

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Birthday Drinkalong: Hedwig and the Angry Inch


This is our birthday girl’s favourite movie (I’m not saying her name cos she may have had to fib to work in order to not be LATE to her own birthday drinkalong, but we all know who we’re talking about, here).  Apparently she was planning on picking this last year, but then kind of lost her mind a little and went with some mindfucky 80s animation, and made me read fanfic that I still haven’t recovered from.

How much does she love this movie, you ask?

Well, shit.  Look at her tattoo.


She’s got the rules, she’s gonna be on time…this is, like, shocking in so many ways.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU LOVELY WOMAN OF MYSTERY!

Come wish her a happy birthday tonight, and watch her favourite movie with us. ❤


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Post-Election, Fuck Everything Drinkalong: Legally Blonde


I don’t even remember when it was, sometime in the last year, I guess.  But it had been a hard week for a bunch of people and following the regular drinkalong, Herc, MT and I weren’t quite ready to shut it down yet.  So we stayed up and watched Legally Blonde together and got even drunker than usual and goddamn if it isn’t a total girl power fuck you and everything you stand for movie.

So that’s what we’re watching tonight.  I don’t think we need any rules, everyone just drink to get drunk.

Sorry about this shitty week, y’all, I love you.  ❤


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