What We Do in the Shadows Drinkalong


I don’t have rules.  I barely remembered this was today.  It has been a long week (information) and I am really, really, really looking forward to tonight.

I’ll bet if we ask nicely, Jessi would be willing to come up with some rules for her favourite movie.

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Birthday Drinkalong: The Legend of Billie Jean


Nat’s birthday is actually more than a week away, but we’ll pretend it’s tonight and get all to’ up for her since we love her.


I wrote last year about how we met and why we’re friends, so I won’t go into that again, but I was thinking earlier this week about another moment when I knew we were MFEO.

For a short period of time in 2012, everyone was fucking obsessed with Draw Something.  I was TERRIBLE at this game because trying to draw on a tiny iPod was beyond my capabilities.  But I painstakingly drew this out one night and Nat guessed it before I’d even finished drawing the stick figures.


Seriously.  She’s awesome.


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Drinkalong


I watched this movie so many times in high school.  So. Many. Times.  I think that’s part of why I was so resistant to the show at first, because I already had this in my head and it was cheesily awesome and how could anyone be better than Rutger Hauer?  HOW, I ASK YOU!  Luckily I came around eventually cos the show was fucking amazing, but I still love the movie and I don’t care how awful it is.


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Birthday Drinkalong: Little Shop of Horrors


Jessi started coming to drinkalongs a few months ago for MT’s birthday, and since then has made it as often as she’s able (she’s got three littlies and is basically a supermom, so I don’t hold it against her).

It’s actually kind of funny that I had to help her get back into IRC because it was in a different IRC channel over a decade ago that we really became friends.  She mentioned a few weeks ago that if she was going to pick a movie for her birthday, it would be this one, so I basically strongarmed her into picking a weekend because I’ve been meaning to pick Little Shop for the longest time.

Happy Birthday, Jessipants, hope you have a lovely weekend. ❤


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