Rock n’ Roll High School Drinkalong

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I was introduced to punk rock at a relatively young age by my step-sister who was eight  years older than me, but didn’t even really get into the Ramones until early high school.  There was a boy (there always is, amirite?) who was one of my best friends but who I also harboured a not so secret thing for.  We made each other mix tapes all the time to share new stuff with each other, and I can still see his shitty handwriting on the case labelling “Beat on the Brat” and “Judy is a Punk” and “Sheenara is a Punk Rocker” (yes, it was struck through like that to include my name).

He came over one afternoon and we watched Rock n Roll High School and I remember thinking it was both terrible and amazing at the same time.  It was simultaneously the best movie ever and the worst movie of all time.

Should be a fun drinkalong, yeah?

RNRHS Drinking Game

Countdown Timer


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