Birthday Drinkalong: Smokey and the Bandit



I am not even sure how long I’ve known Bryan, or how long he’s been coming to drinkalongs.  A long fucking time, cos it was on twitter for suresies.  I’m pretty sure we met through Heather (cos that’s where I know almost all of my blogging buddies from).

The funniest drinkalongs are those he hasn’t ever seen because he spends a lot of time drinking and confused, but I’m glad we’re doing a movie he loves for his birthday.  I probably never would have considered this one, if he hadn’t suggested it, but I think it’ll be a good time.

Smokey and the Bandit drinking game

I think Bryan is trying to send everyone to the hospital tonight.  Show him you can handle your booze and prove him wrong.

Countdown Timer


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