The Running Man Drinkalong

running man

I have to clean and then watch the new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, so this post is minimal af.

The Running Man Drinking Game

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Birthday Drinkalong: Smokey and the Bandit



I am not even sure how long I’ve known Bryan, or how long he’s been coming to drinkalongs.  A long fucking time, cos it was on twitter for suresies.  I’m pretty sure we met through Heather (cos that’s where I know almost all of my blogging buddies from).

The funniest drinkalongs are those he hasn’t ever seen because he spends a lot of time drinking and confused, but I’m glad we’re doing a movie he loves for his birthday.  I probably never would have considered this one, if he hadn’t suggested it, but I think it’ll be a good time.

Smokey and the Bandit drinking game

I think Bryan is trying to send everyone to the hospital tonight.  Show him you can handle your booze and prove him wrong.

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Birthday Drinkalong: West Side Story

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I just realized what you guys have been doing.  You’re all picking musicals for your birthdays so you know I won’t say no.  You’re lucky I love you all so much.

And I really do love MT, so of course I’m willing to spend two and a half hours (HOW IS IT THAT LONG?!) watching West Side Story for her (late) birthday.

West Side Story Drinking Game

As I was getting ready to write this post this morning, I realized I’d been humming “Gee, Officer Krupke” to myself and couldn’t figure out WHY THAT SONG, especially since I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen this once, and how the hell did I know all the words?!

Then I remembered that for a brief period of time in high school, I was totally obsessed with Punk Side Story,  which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a punk cover of the entire soundtrack.  Give it a listen (although, maybe not with the kids around, since there’s a fuckton of swearing added).

I didn’t really leave myself enough time to talk about what an incredible person MT is, and why I will be forever grateful to JK Rowling for bringing her into my life.  Instead, have this picture of us while we were doing the Interview with the Vampire drinkalong:

mt and sj

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