Birthday Drinkalong: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

banzai gif

I just went back to see what we did for Ceridwen’s birthday last year.  It was Tank Girl and we had almost the same exact conversation for that movie as we did for this one.  Basically, Ceridwen wants to give you all alcohol poisoning and somehow I’m supposed to be the responsible one.  The fuck?

Buckaroo Banzai drinking game


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Birthday Drinkalong: The Beastmaster

Beastmaster gif

I don’t even know why Fec decided on The Beastmaster as his birthday drinkalong.  Probably because he picked In Bruges last year and it was depressing af.  While my childhood memories of The Beastmaster are dim, I don’t remember it being a mega bummer.  Though there are witches getting their eyes gouged out and some sacrificing children to deities and…idk, really?  What I remember most about this movie are the ferrets and the boobs.  As you will be able to tell from the list I made WITH NO HELP FROM FEC AT ALL.

Anyway.  His birthday was a few weeks ago, and he’s been, like…the most busy with work and junk so we finally got this scheduled for tonight.  If you don’t show up, I’ll assume that means you hate both me and Fec and you’ll be blocked from participating in the future.

Just kidding.


The Beastmaster Drinking Game

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ps.  Happy Birthday, Fec!  I’m super glad I forced you to be my friend and to come hang out with me on Saturdays.  ❤

Pretty Woman Drinkalong

big mistake

For, like, at least a year, Jane has been trying to convince me to do a Pretty Woman drinkalong.  I resisted.  I had no real reason for doing so, but I did.

Then I asked everyone to start sending in suggestions and this was one of the first I received:

jane suggestion

And then this happened:

jane pw

So here we are.  And I made Jane come up with rules, cos this is her thing.

pretty woman drinking game

Countdown timer