Birthday Drinkalong: Top Gun

top gun lovin' feeling gif

I got a little distracted this morning while planning this post in my head.  You know how I try to write some sentimental nonsense for people on their birthdays, and I go into detail about how I met them and why we’re friends? I kept coming up blank while trying to remember how I met Tony and it’s been pissing me off.  I’m almost certain it was through Booksluttery (we started contributing over there at around the same time), and when I went back through the comments on ye olde blogge,  I feel like his first comment indicates we’d been talking for a while already.

Best. First. Comment. Ever.

Best. First. Comment. Ever.

So I’ve been forced to the conclusion that we became friends on twitter, which is stupid cos it’s impossible to search through your history with someone there.  I know that before we were even REALLY friends, I begged him to find and send me Cherry KitKats from Japan and he agreed (this never came to fruition, but I don’t blame him for that).

Anyway.  We knew each other for a bit before the summer of PtBiB, and Tony jumped right in with the group read and the very first drinkalongs.  EVEN THOUGH he was in Japan at the time and drinkalonging meant that he was forced to spend his Sunday mornings getting Day Drunk with us.  Such hardship, I know.

Tony’s been semi-constant with the drinkalongs from the beginning, and is just this hilarious dude with a penchant for oversharing.  If you’ve ever been to one with him, you’ll know what I mean.  Booze and crappy movies, bringing people together since 2012, amirite?

Tony’s birthday was a few weeks ago and when I asked him to come up with a movie to watch, he answered immediately with zero hesitation.  I feel like he’d been planning this for a while.  Who am I to deny his birthday request, or his rules that are sure to kill us all (to be fair, the rules have been edited a bit, cos I don’t want us all to die horrible alcohol poisoning related deaths)?

Happy Birthday, Tony!  I’m super glad we met at some point and became friends due to our love of Tolkien, drinking and shit talking.  ❤

Top Gun Drinking Game

Countdown Timer


2 thoughts on “Birthday Drinkalong: Top Gun

  1. Yeah, definitely were Twitter friends first and then blog friends, and now we’re full-blown internet friends. Sorry about the cherry Kit Kats. I swear I looked everywhere!

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