Birthday Drinkalong: Walk Hard

Walk Hard acid gif

Here’s a not-so-secret secret.  I fucking love writing birthday drinkalong posts cos it gives me a chance to reflect on the relationships I have with the people who typically only live in my computer.

Sarah’s birthday is coming up.  If you’ve participated in drinkalongs before, you’ve probably interacted with her cos she’s been fairly constant since before we made the switch to IRC.  She even set up a twitter account JUST to participate back when we were still doing them there.

Anyway, I met Sarah for the first time around when OotP came out, which google informs me was 2003 (jfc, really?!).  She ran DA, which I’ve talked about before cos it was where I met MT and Em and Megan and P and Jane and Taina and a whole bunch of other people I talk about like they’ve been my neighbours since childhood.  That forum was amazing for forming long-term friendships that I treasure.

So, Sarah.  Sarah was funny and clever and snarky and made these amazing lj icons that still make me laugh.  She was intimidating af.  Like, she was way too cool to be my friend (I thought).  We talked a little via PMs before the site went down, but didn’t really become FRIENDS until I found the group on fb in 2010 or ’11?  And then, of all things, we started bonding over our favourite cover songs.

Since then, it feels really weird if I go a few days without talking to her, and can’t imagine not having her around to throw stupid fan theories about ASoIaF (check out for the group read we’re currently doing [subtle plug]) and just get generally snarky with.

The point is, Sarah is amazing and the thought of not having her in my life makes me want to cry.

She picked Walk Hard for her birthday movie and I think it’s a fantastic choice.  Make sure you have the theatrical version (1:36 running time) and come join us in IRC tonight to celebrate the day she was born.

Walk Hard Drinking Game

Countdown Timer

Sidenote: We’re doing a Rex Manning Day drinkalong next Friday in addition to our regular Saturday drinkalong.  TWICE THE DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS!


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