Under the Cherry Moon Drinkalong

Tell Jonathan I said hello.

I have all the things to say about this movie, but nothing at all to say.  It’s a ridiculous, glorious mess of a movie.  You’ll see tonight.  I’m pretty sure I learned what a gigolo was from this movie?  Idk.

I keep getting hit by waves of sadness, remembering that Prince is actually gone.  Much like with Bowie earlier this year, he was one of those stars that was…just so bright you truly believed they would never burn out.  57 is too young.

I’mma go listen to Parade for the rest of the day.  See y’all tonight. ❤

Under the Cherry Moon Drinking Game

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Hudson Hawk Drinkalong

REG Hudson Hawk


It is fucking stupid and the puns are terrible and it doesn’t always make a whole lot of (any) sense, but it’s just so good anyway.

I decided I'm using all the pages, even if the illustration on that page has nothing to do with what we're watching.

I decided I’m using all the pages, even if the illustration on that page has nothing to do with what we’re watching.

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Birthday Drinkalong: Top Gun

top gun lovin' feeling gif

I got a little distracted this morning while planning this post in my head.  You know how I try to write some sentimental nonsense for people on their birthdays, and I go into detail about how I met them and why we’re friends? I kept coming up blank while trying to remember how I met Tony and it’s been pissing me off.  I’m almost certain it was through Booksluttery (we started contributing over there at around the same time), and when I went back through the comments on ye olde blogge,  I feel like his first comment indicates we’d been talking for a while already.

Best. First. Comment. Ever.

Best. First. Comment. Ever.

So I’ve been forced to the conclusion that we became friends on twitter, which is stupid cos it’s impossible to search through your history with someone there.  I know that before we were even REALLY friends, I begged him to find and send me Cherry KitKats from Japan and he agreed (this never came to fruition, but I don’t blame him for that).

Anyway.  We knew each other for a bit before the summer of PtBiB, and Tony jumped right in with the group read and the very first drinkalongs.  EVEN THOUGH he was in Japan at the time and drinkalonging meant that he was forced to spend his Sunday mornings getting Day Drunk with us.  Such hardship, I know.

Tony’s been semi-constant with the drinkalongs from the beginning, and is just this hilarious dude with a penchant for oversharing.  If you’ve ever been to one with him, you’ll know what I mean.  Booze and crappy movies, bringing people together since 2012, amirite?

Tony’s birthday was a few weeks ago and when I asked him to come up with a movie to watch, he answered immediately with zero hesitation.  I feel like he’d been planning this for a while.  Who am I to deny his birthday request, or his rules that are sure to kill us all (to be fair, the rules have been edited a bit, cos I don’t want us all to die horrible alcohol poisoning related deaths)?

Happy Birthday, Tony!  I’m super glad we met at some point and became friends due to our love of Tolkien, drinking and shit talking.  ❤

Top Gun Drinking Game

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Encino Man Drinkalong

no buds chill gif

Idek how it happened, but I totally forgot it was Saturday up until about half an hour ago.  It’s probably because of the Rex Manning Day drinkalong last night (which was awesome and if you missed it, you should feel bad), but I spent several hours today thinking it was Sunday already.


Might not drink tonight, depending on how I feel later.  Feeling too old to do this two nights in a row.  I NEED A NAP SO BADLY!

Encino Man Drinking Game

These rules might have been a huge mistake.  I think Pauly Shore might kill everyone.  Sorry.

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Empire Records Drinkalong

I am too lazy to write a new post when I already wrote something ELSE for Rex Manning Day over at the Booksluts.

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Bingo cards still work!

Boozy Shoes Drinkalongs


I’ve realized recently that Empire Records is one of those movies where you kind of had to be there.  Not that it’s not accessible for everyone, but that if you weren’t a teen in the 90s, you’ve likely never seen it.  Or, more specifically, if you weren’t in high school or junior high in the MID-90s.  This makes me sad, cos it’s just so fantastic.

We don’t usually do mid-week drinkalongs, but we’re making an exception this time cos it’s


WE ARE DOING THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY THIS TIME.  Remember when we did #RyeWit and I found the Slate Wes Anderson Bingo cards?  I decided to find something to allow me to create Empire Records Bingo and it’s kind of amazing.  The cards don’t have to be printed out, you can just open them up in your browser (even mobile!) and click on a square to mark it!  Yay!  If…

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Birthday Drinkalong: Walk Hard

Walk Hard acid gif

Here’s a not-so-secret secret.  I fucking love writing birthday drinkalong posts cos it gives me a chance to reflect on the relationships I have with the people who typically only live in my computer.

Sarah’s birthday is coming up.  If you’ve participated in drinkalongs before, you’ve probably interacted with her cos she’s been fairly constant since before we made the switch to IRC.  She even set up a twitter account JUST to participate back when we were still doing them there.

Anyway, I met Sarah for the first time around when OotP came out, which google informs me was 2003 (jfc, really?!).  She ran DA, which I’ve talked about before cos it was where I met MT and Em and Megan and P and Jane and Taina and a whole bunch of other people I talk about like they’ve been my neighbours since childhood.  That forum was amazing for forming long-term friendships that I treasure.

So, Sarah.  Sarah was funny and clever and snarky and made these amazing lj icons that still make me laugh.  She was intimidating af.  Like, she was way too cool to be my friend (I thought).  We talked a little via PMs before the site went down, but didn’t really become FRIENDS until I found the group on fb in 2010 or ’11?  And then, of all things, we started bonding over our favourite cover songs.

Since then, it feels really weird if I go a few days without talking to her, and can’t imagine not having her around to throw stupid fan theories about ASoIaF (check out bookhouse.club for the group read we’re currently doing [subtle plug]) and just get generally snarky with.

The point is, Sarah is amazing and the thought of not having her in my life makes me want to cry.

She picked Walk Hard for her birthday movie and I think it’s a fantastic choice.  Make sure you have the theatrical version (1:36 running time) and come join us in IRC tonight to celebrate the day she was born.

Walk Hard Drinking Game

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Sidenote: We’re doing a Rex Manning Day drinkalong next Friday in addition to our regular Saturday drinkalong.  TWICE THE DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS!