Interview with the Vampire Drinkalong

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When I was young and semi-goth, Anne Rice was everything.  I actually never really liked this book all that much, and I think if I’d started with this one instead of The Vampire Lestat and the Mayfair Witches, I probably wouldn’t have even kept reading her stuff.

When this movie came out, it as being shown at this really cool old theatre in the town where we went to grocery shop (and it was also where the good library was), so I convinced my friend G to go with me.  My mom dropped us off downtown and we wandered through my favourite bookstore and did some record shopping.  The owner of the bookstore knew me already and asked what our plans were for the night.  I told her and she was all “Oh, man.  Antonio Banderas made me swoon when he came on screen.” I frowned.  “Wait, who is he playing?” She told me that he was Armand and my frown deepened.  Even at 15, I was greatly annoyed by shitty adaptations of books, and even if I didn’t really love this book, it still made no sense to me that a 14 year old Italian boy was being played by a Spanish man in his mid-30s.  “What. The. Fuck.” I said to myself.

And then we went to see it and sat in the balcony near some semi-cute boys, but G got really embarrassed when I kept scoffing at shit that DIDN’T HAPPEN THAT WAY.  I am still the same way.  And tonight, MT gets to see me get all indignant IN PERSON!

I wanted to put eleventy billion exclamation points at the end of that sentence, but I’m restraining myself so that my capslock and 1 key can have a break.  They’re in for some heavy use tonight.

(I also had a black cat that I named Louis cos he was so pretty, but emo.  The second that cat saw me, he was trying to be picked up, and would whine and paw at me and try to jump on my shoulder if I put myself in a position where he could.  Super needy and clingy and crying about everything, and that’s how he got his name.)

Anyway, see you all there tonight!

❤ ❤ ❤

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