National Treasure Drinkalong

National Treasure gif

Why did I decide on a drinkalong for a movie I haven’t even seen?  I swore to never do that again, but here we are.  I figured that since it’s a Nic Cage movie, it isn’t strictly necessary to pay a whole lot of attention, and that might even make it more enjoyable?

Last night, I asked husband for help coming up with rules, since he’s seen it and I haven’t.  “Why did you choose that movie,” he asked, “it’s really BAD.”  Um…that’s the poing, my dearest.  Has he paid no attention to which movies make the best drinkalongs?  Jeez.

National Treasure Drinking Game

I should probably put a disclaimer in the footer, or summat.  Something along the lines of “drink responsibly or at least not enough that you have to have your stomach pumped.” idk.

Countdown Timer

I am super looking forward to next week and the week after cos those are two movies I have memorized.  Woo for repeat watching until everyone around you hates you and everything you stand for!


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