Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Drinkalong

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I got nothing.  I started making a list of rules, but since I haven’t seen this movie in, like, 20 years, I have no idea if they’re any good or not.  Also, the flu kicked my ass this week, and I’m still recovering so don’t want to spend time doing anything I don’t actually have to.  Laaaaaaaaaaazy.

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Next week MT will be here!  In my house! For a drinkalong!  Weeeeee!


Snatch Drinkalong

fucking jam

I have been meaning to do a drinkalong for Snatch for AAAAAAAAAAAGES.  Not sure why it’s taken so long, either, cos it should be a brilliant time tonight.

I don’t have anything else to say, just that I’m looking forward to this.  See you there!
Snatch Drinking Game


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A Fish Called Wanda Drinkalong

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This is one of husband’s favourite movies, so we’ve watched it many, MANY times during our years together.  In fact, we just watched it a few months ago, which was when I decided it would make an amazing drinkalong.

But then I learned this week that there are SOME OF YOU (not naming any names) who have never even SEEN this movie.  How is that even possible?!  I could cry.

A Fish Called Wanda Drinking Game

Next week is Snatch, which is another excellent heisty type film.  And then I guess I have to pick something for the last weekend in February because the first weekend in March MT WILL BE AT MY HOUSE FOR THE DRINKALONG, and she’s requested that we watch Interview with the Vampire so she can see me get ranty af in person.  We can discuss possible movies tonight.  See you all there!

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National Treasure Drinkalong

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Why did I decide on a drinkalong for a movie I haven’t even seen?  I swore to never do that again, but here we are.  I figured that since it’s a Nic Cage movie, it isn’t strictly necessary to pay a whole lot of attention, and that might even make it more enjoyable?

Last night, I asked husband for help coming up with rules, since he’s seen it and I haven’t.  “Why did you choose that movie,” he asked, “it’s really BAD.”  Um…that’s the poing, my dearest.  Has he paid no attention to which movies make the best drinkalongs?  Jeez.

National Treasure Drinking Game

I should probably put a disclaimer in the footer, or summat.  Something along the lines of “drink responsibly or at least not enough that you have to have your stomach pumped.” idk.

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I am super looking forward to next week and the week after cos those are two movies I have memorized.  Woo for repeat watching until everyone around you hates you and everything you stand for!