Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Drinkalong

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While still reeling from the news of David Bowie, we learned that we’d lost Alan Rickman.  He was someone different to everyone.  For a lot of people, he was Severus Snape (whether you like the character, or not, it’s hard to disagree that he was nearly perfect in that role).  For others, he was Hans Gruber (my husband had a migraine the day he died and when he got up, one of the first things he said to me was “wait, Gruber?!” with his voice catching a little).  Some of us fell a little bit in love with him as Colonel Brandon, and maybe others will always associate him with Grabthar’s Hammer.

For me, I loved him most as the Metatron and the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Kevin Costner is supposed to be the star of this movie, but really…Rickman steals every goddamn scene he’s in.  This movie is objectively shit.  Not even gonna candy coat it.  It’s fucking terrible.  Costner seems like he barely even learned his lines before filming, Christian Slater delivers one of his worst performances in a career littered with them, Marian is only there to be threatened with sexual assault again and again, and Morgan Freeman gets stuck with yet another magical negro role.

AND YET.  Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham is truly a joy to behold.  Ignore the fact that his motivations make zero fucking sense (who the fuck decided to cut out Prince John, the phony King of England?!), and that the whole thing is a bit of a clustercuss.  Enjoy it for Alan Rickman doing what he does best, which is saving an entire fucking film from being a complete and utter waste of time.

Prince of Thieves drinking game

(Let’s not even talk about the bizarre satanism subplot and the fact that the Celts are basically straight out of Mordor.)

Countdown Timer

[eta] Extended Edition, sorry for neglecting to mention that!


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