Labyrinth Drinkalong

time is short

I’ve been thinking all week about what I’d say today.  I’ve started and discarded this post more times than I care to admit and I’m honestly not sure I have it in me to write much about this movie.

My mom came over this week, and while that’s usually a cause of much anxiety, it wasn’t so bad this week.  We talked about David Bowie a lot, and she understood why I was still crying.  I knew she had taken me to see Labyrinth in the theatre when it came out, but had forgotten that it was a late birthday present for me the year I turned seven.  I was already a fan of his by that point (see what I [and a few other booksluts] had to say about that here), and I remember leaving the theatre wanting to be Jareth.  Not Sarah, no never.  I so wanted to be the Goblin King, it wasn’t even funny.  Still kinda do, tbh.

Anyway, I’m not up for making rules of any sort for tonight.  But I’ll see you all at the same time and place.  ❤

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