Face/Off Drinkalong

I only just realized about 10 minutes ago that it was Saturday.  Even though I knew yesterday was Friday, somehow I wasn’t able to get my shit together enough to prepare for tonight.

So.  If you’ve glanced at the Upcoming Drinkalongs page, you may have noticed that January has become Nic Cage month.  There was a reason for this, that I’m pretty sure I thought was hilarious when I came up with it, but now I have no idea why.

It’s entirely possible I was drunk.

Sooooooo…should we have the same rules all month?  DRINK FOR EVERY SCENE THAT HAS BECOME A POPULAR GIF/MEME?  Or would that kill us all?


nic cage

Countdown Timer


12 thoughts on “Face/Off Drinkalong

  1. I’ve been the top commenter since before I even made my first one. It’s like my girl Aaliyah said, numbers ain’t nothing but a something or other.

      • I’m not worried about it. I remain the people’s champ.

        Anyways, this movie has a very clever title. Turns out you can interpret it in a couple different ways. It’ll probably take you guys a while to get it.

  2. Sorry I missed it. I had people come over to my house that I wasn’t expecting. :/ If it had just been ladyfriend, I would have had her watch the movie and get drunk with us.

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