Vampire’s Kiss Drinkalong

Nic Cage Cries

All right, my dear ladies and gentlethings.  We are back on schedule with some Nic Cage nonsense, and this week it’s the absolutely absurd horror/comedy, Vampire’s Kiss.

1987 was objectively the best year for vampire movies (since we had Near Dark and Lost Boys), but ’88 was pretty okay, too.  We might have to watch My Best Friend is a Vampire and Not of this Earth to round it out at some point, but I haven’t decided yet.

ANYWAY, I’m super looking forward to this tonight, and I hope you are, too.  No one die, cos the rules I came up with might be super ridiculous, I’m not sure since I haven’t seen this movie in at least a decade.

Vampire's Kiss Drinking Game

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Drinkalong

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While still reeling from the news of David Bowie, we learned that we’d lost Alan Rickman.  He was someone different to everyone.  For a lot of people, he was Severus Snape (whether you like the character, or not, it’s hard to disagree that he was nearly perfect in that role).  For others, he was Hans Gruber (my husband had a migraine the day he died and when he got up, one of the first things he said to me was “wait, Gruber?!” with his voice catching a little).  Some of us fell a little bit in love with him as Colonel Brandon, and maybe others will always associate him with Grabthar’s Hammer.

For me, I loved him most as the Metatron and the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Kevin Costner is supposed to be the star of this movie, but really…Rickman steals every goddamn scene he’s in.  This movie is objectively shit.  Not even gonna candy coat it.  It’s fucking terrible.  Costner seems like he barely even learned his lines before filming, Christian Slater delivers one of his worst performances in a career littered with them, Marian is only there to be threatened with sexual assault again and again, and Morgan Freeman gets stuck with yet another magical negro role.

AND YET.  Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham is truly a joy to behold.  Ignore the fact that his motivations make zero fucking sense (who the fuck decided to cut out Prince John, the phony King of England?!), and that the whole thing is a bit of a clustercuss.  Enjoy it for Alan Rickman doing what he does best, which is saving an entire fucking film from being a complete and utter waste of time.

Prince of Thieves drinking game

(Let’s not even talk about the bizarre satanism subplot and the fact that the Celts are basically straight out of Mordor.)

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[eta] Extended Edition, sorry for neglecting to mention that!

Labyrinth Drinkalong

time is short

I’ve been thinking all week about what I’d say today.  I’ve started and discarded this post more times than I care to admit and I’m honestly not sure I have it in me to write much about this movie.

My mom came over this week, and while that’s usually a cause of much anxiety, it wasn’t so bad this week.  We talked about David Bowie a lot, and she understood why I was still crying.  I knew she had taken me to see Labyrinth in the theatre when it came out, but had forgotten that it was a late birthday present for me the year I turned seven.  I was already a fan of his by that point (see what I [and a few other booksluts] had to say about that here), and I remember leaving the theatre wanting to be Jareth.  Not Sarah, no never.  I so wanted to be the Goblin King, it wasn’t even funny.  Still kinda do, tbh.

Anyway, I’m not up for making rules of any sort for tonight.  But I’ll see you all at the same time and place.  ❤

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Face/Off Drinkalong

I only just realized about 10 minutes ago that it was Saturday.  Even though I knew yesterday was Friday, somehow I wasn’t able to get my shit together enough to prepare for tonight.

So.  If you’ve glanced at the Upcoming Drinkalongs page, you may have noticed that January has become Nic Cage month.  There was a reason for this, that I’m pretty sure I thought was hilarious when I came up with it, but now I have no idea why.

It’s entirely possible I was drunk.

Sooooooo…should we have the same rules all month?  DRINK FOR EVERY SCENE THAT HAS BECOME A POPULAR GIF/MEME?  Or would that kill us all?


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Birthday Drinkalong: High Fidelity

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When sj Met Susie

I started that blog I no longer have in November of 2011 (11/11/11, actually). The same day I started it, Heather D emailed me a link and said “You have to read/follow/like this blog.” She was super supportive of me starting that blog (cos I’d done it to get out of her forcing me into NaNoWriMo and she was going to make sure I did SOMETHING) and taught me the ropes on how to be a good blogger.  The link she sent was for the Booksluts, and I followed but LAWDY I was nervous.  The Booksluts were the cool girls.  Far edgier than I’d given myself permission to be at that time (for some reason I went almost a year without ever swearing on that blog, can you even?), and I was a little starry eyed.

Susie followed me back a few months later after reading one of my best Trashy Tuesday posts (again, because of Heather) and I nervously struck up a conversation with her via DM.  Something about tee shirts (cos Megiggles and I wanted to do some dodi stuff), and I was excited that she was talking to me, but didn’t expect us to ever really be friends, you know?

A few months later, we had moved on to emails and gchat, and we were talking pretty much every day.  I’d started out thinking she was this intimidating cool girl (and she was), but what I’d first perceived as standoffishness was actually an aspie trait that she and I share.  And that was when we really became friends, I think.  When we realized how very much we had in common.

She asked me if I was interested in writing something for IB for a Stephen King week she had percolating in her brain, but before we even got that far, she’d asked me to become a regular contributor.  Funnily enough, my first post there was about this very movie/book.

bitches love mixtapes

So, my relationship with Susie was a working relationship at first, but it has since grown into this completely incredible friendship that I would be lost without.  Last year when things were particularly rough for me and my family, Susie stepped in and pretty much saved us.  And that’s…I’m having a hard time expressing how much it means to me to have someone like her in my life.  I’ve always been under the impression that I’m the worst kind of friend to have because of how many of my friendships have eventually self-destructed, you know?  Like, I don’t consider myself to be someone that people should want to be friends with, because I have so much shit going on that I can see it being exhausting.  But Susie has never once told me to fuck off with my bullshit.  She gets what it’s like inside my head, with all of my friendship insecurities and doubts, cos she has those same insecurities.  She goes out of her way to say shit like “Hey, I know you’re probably feeling x right now, but knock that shit off.  Your brain is wrong, okay?”

I never…I never knew before Susie that it was possible to have friends who would do that for you.

Anyway, I’m being stupid and sappy, but tomorrow is Susie’s birthday and I hope she has the most amazing birthday of all time.  Let’s all get super drunk for her tonight, yeah?

High Fidelity Drinking Game

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