Home Alone Drinkalong


I mostly added Home Alone as a last minute choice for our final drinkalong of the year (wait, wut…how is it already that time?) because it makes me laugh how very seriously Herc takes his rants about this movie.  He might be too angry just thinking about it to show up tonight.  I GUESS WE WILL SEE.

But for srs.  Last night, husband was mentioning that he’ll go get me wine before he leaves for work today and I was all “why, you can just bring it home and I’ll have it for the next day.”  I looked up from my device to see him staring at me like this:

And it took me at least a full minute to realize that it was because I’d forgotten what day it already was.

At least five times today I’ve sat down to write this post, but kept putting it off because I kept thinking I had another day to get it done.

Stupid holidays, fucking with my timeline.



I am not responsible if you die.  I AM NOT.

I am not responsible if you die. I AM NOT.

Countdown Timer

(Next week, and our first drinkalong of the new year, will be High Fidelity for Susie’s birthday.  She’ll be AT MY HOUSE for that.  We’ll do a bunch of Nic Cage movies for the rest of January, but I’m still working on the schedule.)


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