Home Alone Drinkalong


I mostly added Home Alone as a last minute choice for our final drinkalong of the year (wait, wut…how is it already that time?) because it makes me laugh how very seriously Herc takes his rants about this movie.  He might be too angry just thinking about it to show up tonight.  I GUESS WE WILL SEE.

But for srs.  Last night, husband was mentioning that he’ll go get me wine before he leaves for work today and I was all “why, you can just bring it home and I’ll have it for the next day.”  I looked up from my device to see him staring at me like this:

And it took me at least a full minute to realize that it was because I’d forgotten what day it already was.

At least five times today I’ve sat down to write this post, but kept putting it off because I kept thinking I had another day to get it done.

Stupid holidays, fucking with my timeline.



I am not responsible if you die.  I AM NOT.

I am not responsible if you die. I AM NOT.

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(Next week, and our first drinkalong of the new year, will be High Fidelity for Susie’s birthday.  She’ll be AT MY HOUSE for that.  We’ll do a bunch of Nic Cage movies for the rest of January, but I’m still working on the schedule.)


Special Edition Christmas Eve Drinkalong: Die Hard

ho ho ho

This afternoon/evening is going to completely suck for me, so I DMed Herc last night and instructed him to come up with rules for Die Hard to get me blisteringly drunk.  He performed admirably.


I am too tired/busy to fix my mistakes, so deal with the scribbles.

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Birthday Drinkalong: Bad Santa

A few weeks ago, Morgan messaged me that she was trying to figure out what movie she wanted for her birthday drinkalong.

Me:  Dude, I will totally bump a Christmas movie for you, just say the word.

Her:  No, I mean…I was thinking of Bad Santa.

Me:  Well, damn.


So, you know how I have these long stories about every single person ever?  I actually have one for Morgan, too, but it’s different from the rest.

Most of the people who live in my computer, I’ve met cos we had shared interests and grew tight over a period of time or whatever.  Rarely do I become friends with someone just because they’re the friend of my friend, but that’s exactly how it happened with Elmo.

See, when we first started these drinkalong thingys, we did LotR over WAY TOO MANY weeks.  Tony was still in Japan at the time, and gracefully gave up his Sunday mornings/afternoons to the cause of daydrinking.  One week one of his friends showed up (after having watched Tony’s feed with interest the week before), and at first I was all “the fuck, who is this person crashing our totally public drinkalong?!”  BUT THEN, it was like meeting the little sister I’d never had or wanted.

You guys know that I have little to no filter, but Mosie’s filter is pretty much non-existent.  Like, she says every damn thing she thinks of and gives not one single fuck about it.   For weeks after meeting her I was super intimidated in a “goddamn, this girl is way too cool to want to be my friend” sort of way that I probably should have abandoned 20 years ago.

We fucked around on twitter getting to know each other for a while (here’s an example of some of the stuff you’re missing if you don’t follow her), DMing like kids passing notes in Study Hall.  Tony and I became friends on facebook, and not even two minutes later I got a friend request from someone with an unfamiliar name.  I looked it over and DMed Morgan to ask if it was her.  It was, but I was surprised, cos she’s one of those kids that’s too cool for facebook, y’know?

I can totally pinpoint the exact moment I knew that she was more than just a friendcrush.

It was November 23, 2013. The drinkalong that night was Half Baked.  A few other people showed up, but for the most part, it was just the two of us and somehow we made it into the best possible time.  It was like she was sitting in my living room with me, getting drunk and shouting “AHHHHHHHHHH, MOTHERFUCKER SAID ICE CREAM!” at the screen. As silly as it sounds, a bond was forged that night that cannot be broken. These things happen when you get retweeted by Abba-Zaba.

Happiest of birthdays, Mosie.  I’m super happy to have you in my life.  ❤

Everyone else:  The rules tonight are simple…drink every time Morgan says to drink.  BOOM, alcohol poisoning for everyone!

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DOUBLE FEATURE Drinkalong: Gremlins+The Muppet Christmas Carol


gremlins gif

I could say I am lazy, but I’ve been working a lot this week (real work and on a thing for IB for next week) and I just totally forgot I had to do this shit.

Luckily, Drinking Cinema has a Gremlins Drinking Game, which is perfect because by the time we’re all super drunk from that, we won’t need one for the Muppets.

Countdown Timer for Gremlins (we’ll figure out when to start the second movie later).

ps.  Let me know if you do not have either of these, [ahem]