Birthday Drinkalong: The Last Unicorn

last unicorn gif

When I first started letting people pick movies for their birthday drinkalongs, Jane was the most excited.  She assured me she’d been thinking on it for months, but she only actually decided a month or two ago.  TBH, I am a little shocked she didn’t decide on Hedwig and the Angry Inch (if you’ve ever seen Jane’s feet, you’ll understand why), but The Last Unicorn, it is.

I met Jane…well, shit.  Years and years ago on that Harry Potter forum I’ve referenced before (the same place I met Sarah and MT and so many of my other favourite people that live in my computer), but we didn’t actually become friends until ~4 years ago.  Like, I’m pretty sure we had some interactions and I thought she was generally cool, but we didn’t talk a whole lot until we became friends on facebook.  Since then, she’s become one of my favourite shenanstigators.

An example, you ask?  A few years ago, she tweeted that she’d just taken a reservation for her restaurant from someone named Lestat.  I, of course, said that I’d need to see pictures when he showed up.  Most people would laugh me off, or not take me seriously.  Not Jane, though.  She wasn’t able to surreptitiously take a picture, so she drew one for me.



And then there was the time that she decided the board room table in a conference room reminded her of Malfoy Manor, so she let me make a ludicrous number of memes using her face.



What I’m saying is, Jane is ridiculous amounts of fun, and I’m so happy I know her.

Her birthday is Monday, but lets all get super trashed tonight in her honour, yeah?


last unicorn drinking game is down, so here’s a different Countdown Timer


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