Executive Scheduling Decision

So, since announcing the tentative schedule/movies last week, I got a few messages that were basically:

walter too soon

And I’ll admit that I got a little caught up in the thought of not having to worry about coming up with movies to watch that I took it too far.  So.  We’re going to be dropping some Christmas movies (not sure which, yet) and INSTEAD will be focusing on US Thanksgiving for a few weeks.  Which, since we have the actual weekend after Thanksgiving already sorted meant I only had to come up with three.  Thank goodness.

This Saturday we’ll be watching Addams Family Values (to transition out of Hallowe’en mode and cos Camp Chippewa is the fucking best), then Dutch, then Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I’m updating the schedule now.  Deal with it.

(Also, next time we vote, I’ll make the poll password protected.  We got more votes than we have regulars and I think some randos effed with the numbers.)


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