Scream Drinkalong

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A few things of note:

IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY!  Seventeen years with an amazing man, and I’m happier every day.  ❤ (I wrote more elsewhere, so I’m not going into it again here.  Calm down.)

Secondly, when Wes Craven passed away a few months ago, MT suggested that we watch a bunch of his movies in memory, but trying to get everyone to decide on which to watch became an exercise in futility and we ended up with the month of movies we’ve just watched, with this one left for actual Hallowe’en.  The worst part?  I’m almost positive I’ve never seen this all the way through.  Oops.

Scream Drinking Game

Countdown Timer

Also, the results of the poll were as follows:  Gremlins, Bad Santa,  Muppet Christmas Carol and Home Alone (tied), and Elf had four write ins.  With Die Hard and Love Actually as givens (plus Jane’s birthday Last Unicorn drinkalong), we’re sorted for the next two months, since Die Hard will be a special Christmas Eve drinkalong.  I’ll get them added to the schedule soon, if anyone has ideas on orders, let me know.


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