Birthday Drinkalong: Phantom of the Paradise


I haven’t seen this movie, but this gif makes me think I will love it.

Okay, so, if you’ve attended a drinkalong more than once over the past few years, chances are really good you’ve run into Nat. As I was thinking earlier this week about how I had to write this birthday post, it struck me that I’ve known her longer than I’d originally thought.

When I was pregnant with the now 5y/o, I was moderating the forums for this game that doesn’t exist anymore.  One of my friends there had this contest where you had to decorate your pet’s home in an underwater theme.  We didn’t know Nat, but she entered with her dragon dressed up as Cthulhu and OF COURSE we were friends immediately.  And then I added a plushy GOO to my baby registry and she said she’d buy it for me but SHE NEVER DID so I take back all of the nice things I said.

Wait, that’s not how this works, is it?

Anyway, over the last 5+ years, we’ve become as close as two people can who mostly get drunk together in chat on the weekends, and I adore her with every fibre of my being.  Nat is a fantastic person and a great friend and I love her to bits.  Wish her a happy birthday, guys.  ❤

Click to check out her fantastic drawings.

Countdown Timer

(and if you haven’t yet, go vote for which Holiday movies you want to watch)


4 thoughts on “Birthday Drinkalong: Phantom of the Paradise

    I will still totes get her one, as she absolutely still needs one.

    Also, nuts to you for making me tear up. I love you guys. 💜🎃

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