The Addams Family Drinkalong

Yes, yes, I KNOW, but it was appropriate.

I wish I’d had the forethought to set up Addams Family Values for next week cos that would have been [ahem] neat.  But I didn’t, so now we’re not going to get to watch Wednesday take Camp Chippewa by storm, but whatever.

~8 years ago, my co-workers did a group Hallowe’en costume of the Addams Family.  I was originally not going to participate cos it was my anniversary and I was leaving early, but then our Gomez called in sick and I had to step up.  Here’s me with my wife.

g and m

Anyway.  See you guys tonight!

Addams Family drinking game

Countdown Timer

Don’t forget to make a list of Holiday Movies you want to see.  There aren’t even enough options to lead to a vote yet, so get on that.



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