WTF Should We Watch Next?


We have the rest of the month sorted and then Jane’s birthday drinkalong (The Last Unicorn) at the end of November, but other than that, the schedule is pretty much open.  More specifically,  which HOLIDAY movies do you guys want to watch this year?  Throw some suggestions in the comments and I’ll make a survey for people to vote on next week.


27 thoughts on “WTF Should We Watch Next?

  1. Die Hard 🙂
    (I know that goes without saying, but I have to.)

    I think Muppet Christmas Carol would be a fun crowd-pleaser too (I haven’t watched it in about 15 years though).

  2. When exactly are we doing “Love, Actually”? Then I can plan other movies around it. Loving the suggestions so far especially Die Hard and Gremlins. What about 8 Crazy Nights?? I actually really like that one. What about a series of really fucked up romantic comedies? Like The Pick Up Artist?

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  4. Did we decide to do a series of musicals?? Would that be for after Christmas? I really want to do musicals. Especially A Chorus Line, and Pirates of Penzance, ooh, The Pirate Movie. And XANADU!!! Ok. I’ll stop now.

    • I don’t like musicals, but I do think Singin’ In The Rain is a charming movie.
      Also, the South Park Movie is a musical, I don’t care what people say.

      I like the Xanadu song though, so maybe I’ll like that film…

    • No, we never decided to do that because I don’t like musicals. 😛


  5. Cobra technically takes place during Christmas… And Lethal Weapon is one of my favorite holiday films (among others already mentioned above).

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