Scream Drinkalong

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A few things of note:

IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY!  Seventeen years with an amazing man, and I’m happier every day.  ❤ (I wrote more elsewhere, so I’m not going into it again here.  Calm down.)

Secondly, when Wes Craven passed away a few months ago, MT suggested that we watch a bunch of his movies in memory, but trying to get everyone to decide on which to watch became an exercise in futility and we ended up with the month of movies we’ve just watched, with this one left for actual Hallowe’en.  The worst part?  I’m almost positive I’ve never seen this all the way through.  Oops.

Scream Drinking Game

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Also, the results of the poll were as follows:  Gremlins, Bad Santa,  Muppet Christmas Carol and Home Alone (tied), and Elf had four write ins.  With Die Hard and Love Actually as givens (plus Jane’s birthday Last Unicorn drinkalong), we’re sorted for the next two months, since Die Hard will be a special Christmas Eve drinkalong.  I’ll get them added to the schedule soon, if anyone has ideas on orders, let me know.


Birthday Drinkalong: Phantom of the Paradise


I haven’t seen this movie, but this gif makes me think I will love it.

Okay, so, if you’ve attended a drinkalong more than once over the past few years, chances are really good you’ve run into Nat. As I was thinking earlier this week about how I had to write this birthday post, it struck me that I’ve known her longer than I’d originally thought.

When I was pregnant with the now 5y/o, I was moderating the forums for this game that doesn’t exist anymore.  One of my friends there had this contest where you had to decorate your pet’s home in an underwater theme.  We didn’t know Nat, but she entered with her dragon dressed up as Cthulhu and OF COURSE we were friends immediately.  And then I added a plushy GOO to my baby registry and she said she’d buy it for me but SHE NEVER DID so I take back all of the nice things I said.

Wait, that’s not how this works, is it?

Anyway, over the last 5+ years, we’ve become as close as two people can who mostly get drunk together in chat on the weekends, and I adore her with every fibre of my being.  Nat is a fantastic person and a great friend and I love her to bits.  Wish her a happy birthday, guys.  ❤

Click to check out her fantastic drawings.

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(and if you haven’t yet, go vote for which Holiday movies you want to watch)

Poll: WTF Should We Watch Next?!

I am probably crazy for allowing write in options when you had DAYS AND DAYS to suggest things, but whatever.  You get four votes.  Choose wisely.


And Die Hard isn’t on the list because it’s a fucking given since most of you said that as your first choice, okay?

Near Dark Drinkalong

finger licking

I mentioned this briefly when we did the Lost Boys drinkalong a few years ago, but contrary to popular belief, that’s not the best vampire movie of the 80s.  It’s not even the best vampire movie released in 1987.  Oh no, that honour goes to Near Dark, and I will fucking fight you for disagreeing with me.  I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best vampire movies ever made, but would probably not fight you about not agreeing with me on that point.

I know a lot of you have never seen this movie, but you probably know most of the cast.  And, y’know, Ms Bigelow has done a lot of things you’ve almost definitely seen since she first directed this, but it’s still my favourite of hers.

In tangentially related news, my friend Justin helped come up with the rules for tonight (this is one of his favourite movies) and if I can help him figure out IRC he’ll be joining us.  He’s a pretty damn talented writer, too (if we’ve been friends for a while, you may remember that one of his books was my favourite read of 2013) so you should check out his stuff and give him a like/follow (AND MAYBE BUY SOME OF HIS BOOKS).  fb/twitter

Near Dark Drinking Game

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The Addams Family Drinkalong

Yes, yes, I KNOW, but it was appropriate.

I wish I’d had the forethought to set up Addams Family Values for next week cos that would have been [ahem] neat.  But I didn’t, so now we’re not going to get to watch Wednesday take Camp Chippewa by storm, but whatever.

~8 years ago, my co-workers did a group Hallowe’en costume of the Addams Family.  I was originally not going to participate cos it was my anniversary and I was leaving early, but then our Gomez called in sick and I had to step up.  Here’s me with my wife.

g and m

Anyway.  See you guys tonight!

Addams Family drinking game

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Don’t forget to make a list of Holiday Movies you want to see.  There aren’t even enough options to lead to a vote yet, so get on that.


WTF Should We Watch Next?


We have the rest of the month sorted and then Jane’s birthday drinkalong (The Last Unicorn) at the end of November, but other than that, the schedule is pretty much open.  More specifically,  which HOLIDAY movies do you guys want to watch this year?  Throw some suggestions in the comments and I’ll make a survey for people to vote on next week.

The Craft Drinkalong

fairuza blows a kiss

Ahhhh, to be a teenager in the 90s with a mild Wicca obsession.  This movie was my JAM, yo.

It’s kind of appropriate that we’re watching this tonight because this week would have been my friend Alie’s 35th birthday and we watched this movie together countless times.  I am not sure why we never bought it, but we rented it enough times that we could have owned it several times over.  I know I’ve said this more than once, but tonight I’ll totally be drinking for her.  ❤
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