Shaun of the Dead Drinkalong

I decided to rewatch this on NYE with the (now) 16y/o, cos I knew it was exactly the sort of thing he’d love, but at less than 5 minutes in, I was sitting there all “JFC, I’ve made a huge mistake.” I paused it and mustered the most serious face I could.

“Buddy.  You are not British.  So if I ever hear you call your friends ‘cunts’ I will be super pissed, okay?”

He laughed at me and I haven’t heard him say it, so I’m calling that a #ParentingWin.

Anyway, super excited for our second not-really-scary-but-scary-themed movie in an effort to draw the Hallowe’en season out as long as possible.  See you guys tonight!

Shaun of the Dead drinking game

Countdown Timer


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