Birthday Drinkalong: BASEketball

Ughhhhh, APPARENTLY my last post on Will’s ACTUAL birthday wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH (because I guess my saying that he’s cool because he knows me means nothing, wtf?) so I’m supposed to try again.

All right.  Like, nine years ago (holy shit, was it really that long ago?) my husband used to take part in this weekly poker game.  At this point in time, we only had two kids, and we had someone watching the kids during that time, so I would go with him.  Usually I would get bored after about five minutes, so I’d go out to the parking lot and sit in the car, smoking and talking on the phone.  9/10 times it was with Will.  He had the Cantina Song as his ringback tone at the time (remember when people were all about that shit?) and since I was usually calling to tell him that I had just lost the game, the two things became permanently associated so that now every single time I hear the Cantina Song, I lose the game.  Every time.  Will has effectively ruined Star Wars for me.

AND ALSO, shortly after that we had season passes to DisneyLand and we were there 4-5 times a week.  Will was a bastard who would ALSO call me every time HE lost the game and one time my oldest overheard me yelling at Will and asked why I was so mad.  I made the mistake of telling him.  Which meant that from that point on, my kid was making me lose the game four or five times a day.

Will, of course, found this hilarious, but has refused to accept any of the blame for this situation.  To this day, he insists that it was not his fault at all.


In spite of all of these game losing shenanigans, I adore Will.  He is srsly one of my favourite people to live in my computer.  We will go through periods of time without speaking (usually cos of RL getting in the way [or him having a girlfriend]), but we always come back to being super tight.  He knows more of my crazy youthful stories than almost anyone else, and remembers things I’ve told him better than I do.  It would be really hard to ask for a better friend.

So never fuck off, Will.  Happy Birthday.  ❤

BASEketball Drinking Game

Countdown Timer


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