Shaun of the Dead Drinkalong

I decided to rewatch this on NYE with the (now) 16y/o, cos I knew it was exactly the sort of thing he’d love, but at less than 5 minutes in, I was sitting there all “JFC, I’ve made a huge mistake.” I paused it and mustered the most serious face I could.

“Buddy.  You are not British.  So if I ever hear you call your friends ‘cunts’ I will be super pissed, okay?”

He laughed at me and I haven’t heard him say it, so I’m calling that a #ParentingWin.

Anyway, super excited for our second not-really-scary-but-scary-themed movie in an effort to draw the Hallowe’en season out as long as possible.  See you guys tonight!

Shaun of the Dead drinking game

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The Gate Drinkalong

I jokingly mentioned while we were trying to hash out this EXTRA LONG HALLOWE’EN DRINKALONG SEASON that if we were gonna watch one shitty movie, we might as well watch The Gate, and to my shock and chagrin, several people agreed.

I was probably 9 or 10 when I saw this movie for the first time, and even then I thought “what a crock of shit.”

So, this should be fun.  I have no rules.  Drink whenever you’re painfully reminded that it’s an 80s film?

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Birthday Drinkalong: BASEketball

Ughhhhh, APPARENTLY my last post on Will’s ACTUAL birthday wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH (because I guess my saying that he’s cool because he knows me means nothing, wtf?) so I’m supposed to try again.

All right.  Like, nine years ago (holy shit, was it really that long ago?) my husband used to take part in this weekly poker game.  At this point in time, we only had two kids, and we had someone watching the kids during that time, so I would go with him.  Usually I would get bored after about five minutes, so I’d go out to the parking lot and sit in the car, smoking and talking on the phone.  9/10 times it was with Will.  He had the Cantina Song as his ringback tone at the time (remember when people were all about that shit?) and since I was usually calling to tell him that I had just lost the game, the two things became permanently associated so that now every single time I hear the Cantina Song, I lose the game.  Every time.  Will has effectively ruined Star Wars for me.

AND ALSO, shortly after that we had season passes to DisneyLand and we were there 4-5 times a week.  Will was a bastard who would ALSO call me every time HE lost the game and one time my oldest overheard me yelling at Will and asked why I was so mad.  I made the mistake of telling him.  Which meant that from that point on, my kid was making me lose the game four or five times a day.

Will, of course, found this hilarious, but has refused to accept any of the blame for this situation.  To this day, he insists that it was not his fault at all.


In spite of all of these game losing shenanigans, I adore Will.  He is srsly one of my favourite people to live in my computer.  We will go through periods of time without speaking (usually cos of RL getting in the way [or him having a girlfriend]), but we always come back to being super tight.  He knows more of my crazy youthful stories than almost anyone else, and remembers things I’ve told him better than I do.  It would be really hard to ask for a better friend.

So never fuck off, Will.  Happy Birthday.  ❤

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Birthday Drinkalong: Four Rooms

It’s funny, because even before we started talking about watching a grip of Tarantino movies in a row, Heather had said she was thinking about doing this movie for her birthday drinkalong.  I’m happy it worked out that way.

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good you know Heather.  If you don’t, I feel sooooooooo baaaaaad for you.  Heather is awesome.  I just went back to check how long we’ve actually known each other, and it looks like it was three years in April.

I’m sure we met through mutual blogging friends, but what really kicked our friendship into overdrive was that summer when we did the Putting the Blog in Balrog Tolkien group read.  Later that summer was when we started iMessaging, and since then, if a day goes by where we DON’T talk, that’s super weird.

Heather has been so super incredibly supportive of me through some seriously rough patches, the thought of now living my life without her in it makes me the saddest of pandas.  She’s been my constant reading companion and lets me vent when I need to.  She never judges me, and always agrees with me, even if I’m being stupid.

She’s a true friend and an amazing human.


Anyway.  Wish Ms Heather a happy birthday (even though it was on Thursday and we totally watched Jackie Brown without you [sorry, not at ALL sorry]) and show up tonight to tell her how great she is.

Love you, Heather.  ❤

Four Rooms

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