Birthday Drinkalong: Reservoir Dogs

I know, we rarely do weekday drinkalongs (that you KNOW OF), but Will made such a big deal out of not getting to pick the movie the weekend before his birthday that I made an exception.  Or, not really an exception, more like a placative (that is TOO a word!) decision to keep the peace.

Except, that’s a lie.  I’d totally do a weekday drinkalong for any of you that wanted one for your actual birthday, he just happened to be more vocal about it.

Anyway.  Will.  I’ve known Will since he was FIFTEEN.  So, like, forever in internet friendship terms.  I like to think I’ve had a lot to do with the way he turned out (a super cool snark-machine), but he was really like that when I met him.  I just introduced him to better music.

Anyway, wish him a happy birthday.  Or don’t.  Because it makes me look better if I’m the only one who cares.  😛

Reservoir Dogs drinking game

Countdown Timer


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