Kill Bill vol. 2 Drinkalong

Pai Mei beard flick

Ugh.  This week.  THIS WEEK.  I had all kinds of getting-shit-done-ahead-of-time plans and they all fell through and now I’m sitting here with less than 9 hours left and not a damn thing done.

I’ll worry next week about figuring out IRC (might have that one figured out, just have to work out getting most of you there) next week.  For tonight (and Monday, if you can make it to celebrate Will’s birthday) we’ll use the regular channel.

Here are some rules that no one will follow:

Kill Bill Drinking Game

And here are two countdown timers, since crapped out on me last week right before it was time:

Time and Date (it was hard getting these two to sync up, so depending on which one you follow, you could be as many as two seconds off from everyone else).


3 thoughts on “Kill Bill vol. 2 Drinkalong

  1. I can’t believe I missed the first one, but the second one is my favorite. So I’ll be there as long as I can figure out this IRC thing. At least, I have a little time…and hopefully can figure it out. If not, I’ll be there with you in spirit. 🙂

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