Birthday Drinkalong: Reservoir Dogs

I know, we rarely do weekday drinkalongs (that you KNOW OF), but Will made such a big deal out of not getting to pick the movie the weekend before his birthday that I made an exception.  Or, not really an exception, more like a placative (that is TOO a word!) decision to keep the peace.

Except, that’s a lie.  I’d totally do a weekday drinkalong for any of you that wanted one for your actual birthday, he just happened to be more vocal about it.

Anyway.  Will.  I’ve known Will since he was FIFTEEN.  So, like, forever in internet friendship terms.  I like to think I’ve had a lot to do with the way he turned out (a super cool snark-machine), but he was really like that when I met him.  I just introduced him to better music.

Anyway, wish him a happy birthday.  Or don’t.  Because it makes me look better if I’m the only one who cares.  😛

Reservoir Dogs drinking game

Countdown Timer


Kill Bill vol. 2 Drinkalong

Pai Mei beard flick

Ugh.  This week.  THIS WEEK.  I had all kinds of getting-shit-done-ahead-of-time plans and they all fell through and now I’m sitting here with less than 9 hours left and not a damn thing done.

I’ll worry next week about figuring out IRC (might have that one figured out, just have to work out getting most of you there) next week.  For tonight (and Monday, if you can make it to celebrate Will’s birthday) we’ll use the regular channel.

Here are some rules that no one will follow:

Kill Bill Drinking Game

And here are two countdown timers, since crapped out on me last week right before it was time:

Time and Date (it was hard getting these two to sync up, so depending on which one you follow, you could be as many as two seconds off from everyone else).

From Dusk Till Dawn Drinkalong

be cool gif


I love this movie.  I love that it’s stupid and doesn’t take itself seriously.  I love the music, and I love that George Clooney went from Booker on Roseanne to Seth Gecko for me.  Before this, I didn’t understand the hype around him.  Like, everyone loved him cos he was on that show I didn’t watch and I just didn’t get it?  But then after this I totally did.

Anyway, super excited about tonight.  See you guys there!


Countdown Timer

(Oh, and I have been working on a list of everything we’ve already watched.  There’s a contact form included if you’d like to suggest movies/tell me what you want your birthday drinkalong to be.)

Natural Born Killers Drinkalong

nbk wedding day murder

So, whatever this says about me, I’m prepared to admit that Natural Born Killers was one of my Top Five Favourite movies from the ages of 16-18.  I watched it countless times (my dad got the Director’s Cut DOUBLE VHS release for me for Christmas one year, which is a little weird, thinking back on it), and can still quote the dialogue endlessly.

I discovered that last little gem as I was thinking about what I was going to say in this post and realized that I know pretty much all of Mallory’s lines by heart.

I spent a lot of time behind my camera and in the darkroom in high school, and had taken this one photo of a disused train track with a sign pointing to Knox St that I blew up hugely and then wrote the entirety of Mickey’s prison letter to Mallory on it with a Sharpie and had that hanging on my wall.  This is the kind of shit you do when you’re a geeky kid with a lot of time on your hands, you guys.

Oh, and every time L7’s Shitlist comes on, I STILL shout “Are you flirting with me?” and make Roadrunner Meep Meep noises.  WTF, I haven’t even watched this in at least 10 years.  JFC.

Anyway, tonight, we’re watching the Director’s Cut.  This probably shouldn’t even be included in this weird Tarantino thing we’ve got going on, but he wrote the original screenplay and I MAKE THE RULES, SO THERE.

Speaking of rules:

nbk drinking game

Countdown timer.

I need more coffee if I’mma get through this day.  See you all tonight!

Pulp Fiction Drinkalong

I have been super looking forward to this, guys.

…and then I got sick.  Well, my youngest GOT ME sick.  She went out on Monday with my mom, was sick by Wednesday and by yesterday three more of us were sick.   Luckily the kids are feeling mostly better, but I’m stuck with a head on explodo-mode and a nose that thinks it’s a damn spigot.  So, the chances of me drinking tonight are slim to none, but I’ll watch for as long as I can hang in (until my cold meds make me pass out).

Too sick to draw up rules, but Drinking Cinema did it better than I could have, anyway. (click)

Countdown Timer