Revenge of the Nerds Drinkalong


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Stay cool today and I’ll see you tonight!


Independence Day Drinkalong

hahaha, you guys.  I totally suck.  I’ve spent the morning getting the kids ready to go with my mom today (I HAVE THE WHOLE AFTERNOON AND EVENING TO MYSELF, WUT) and didn’t even think about the fact that it’s Saturday and drinkalong day.  OOPS.

I’mma do my best to be there on time and whatnot, but might be late and/or absent for a bit, depending on when they drop the kids back off after fireworks and junk.

I mentioned it on facebook (and messaged those of you NOT on facebook [I think]) that we’re watching the theatrical version of this movie and NOT the Special Edition.  This shit is long enough without an additional eight minutes of talky nonsense.

Herc and I discussed the possibility of rules, but then decided that since this movie is so damn long, rules would fucking kill us.  FREE DRINK TONIGHT!  I really need to make a free drink graphic to insert in these cases.  Hm.

Anyway, see you all there tonight and Happy 4th, if you’re celebrating.  Stay safe.  ❤


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(ps.  The schedule for a loooooong time is set up, go check it out.)