Birthday Drinkalong: In Bruges

colin ferrell drinking


If you’ve participated in any drinkalongs since we switched to IRC, you’ve probably hung out with Fec.  I met him a little over a year ago, and moving from twitter to IRC was actually his suggestion (so I think we should all thank him since nearly everyone agrees that IRC is a better drinkalong environment than twitter was).  He’s an awesome example of humanity, and even though we already had a drinkalong scheduled for near his birthday (Spinal Tap, in case you were wondering), I insisted that he pick a movie he wanted to watch as a group because I AM PUSHY AS HELL.

He chose In Bruges, and I scheduled it for this week because it seemed like a good follow up to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (even though I’ve never seen this one, either).  THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM SCHEDULING MOVIES I HAVEN’T SEEN WITHOUT WATCHING THEM BEFOREHAND.  I say this because I hate having to choose between actually watching the movie or participating in the chat.  That’s no fun.  Especially cos it makes people question whether I’ve become too drunk to continue talking.  I SWEAR I AM JUST WATCHING THE MOVIE, YOU GUYS.

In Bruges drinking game


See you all tonight!

ps.  Drinkalongs are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Click over to the Upcoming Drinkalongs page to check it out.  Yes, we’re doing two for my birthday.  Because it’s my blog, so fuck you I do what I want.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Drinkalong: In Bruges

  1. Don’t let her fool you. I’m the one who demanded to make a birthday request even though I initially said Spinal Tap would be fine for a birthday movie. I’m a greedy man.

    You still shouldn’t blame me for the shitty list though.

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