Birthday Drinkalong: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

YOU GUYS!  You guys, it is time for Herc’s Birthday Drinkalong.

chardee macdennis

He knows why this is here.


Well, I mean, almost time.  I’m totally writing this the night before because he’s got me so excited about drinking along to a movie I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that I can’t help but post early.

I’ve known Herc since…forfuckingever.  Like, really.  He is one of my internet friends I’ve known the longest, and he’s one of my all time favourite people in the entire world.  I feel like that should be a title, yeah?  Herc is one of My All Time Favourite People in the Entire World.  Yes.  That’s better.  If you are not already friends with him, you totally should be.  He is that fantastic.

Anyway, his birthday is Sunday, and he chose Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  By the time the movie is over, it will be his birthday on the east coast.  If you don’t wish him a happy birthday after reading this, I will not want to be your friend any longer.  I am totally serious about this.

Now listen.  In addition to it being Herc’s birthday drinkalong day, it is ALSO MT’s ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.  You may recall that she decided to share JCSS with Sarah for her drinkalong; the whole thing is needlessly complicated, but simple if you actually pay attention.  But still.  Wish her a happy fucking birthday, too, okay?  If I’m being completely honest, she is also on the shortlist for My All Time Favourite People in the Entire World.  What the hell is going on with the end of May?!  This is ridiculous.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Drinkalong

I am an asshole and made him make up the rules for his own drinkalong. IN MY DEFENSE, I DON’T THINK I’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE, SO HOW WOULD I EVEN DO THAT?! But for srs, then he went above and beyond with this hot little number. Click to embiggen.

I’m not going to SAY you should totally be there, but…you should totally be there.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Drinkalong: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  1. I am afraid of SJ, so of course I’m wishing Hercles happy birthday! But I’m also wishing Hercles happy birthday because I’m nice. Some of the time. So, Happy Birthday, Hercles! You caught me on a “nice” day.

    And happy birthday, too, to MT…because Maria is one of my favourite people in the world.

    Y’all have fun at the drink-along. I’ll be off celebrating yet another end-of-May birthday at a party tonight with local peeps. Smooches! P~

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