True Romance Drinkalong

white boy day

Somehow I almost forgot it was white boy day, because I kept thinking it was Friday and that I didn’t have to do any of this prep stuff until tomorrow.  OOPS.  But I’m here, the junk no one will pay attention to is ready, and I CAN’T WAIT to watch this movie with you guys tonight.

This is another one of those that I think people probably hate watching with me, because I crack up about shit before it happens and say pretty much every line of dialogue under my breath.  I’m kind of the worst.

True Romance Drinking Game

I know. It’s terrible. I already said I was the worst, what more do you want from me?!

Also, we’re watching the Unrated Director’s Cut.  If you do not own it, it is available to rent on Amazon.  Running time is two hours, one minute, Herc.


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