Birthday Drinkalong: In Bruges

colin ferrell drinking


If you’ve participated in any drinkalongs since we switched to IRC, you’ve probably hung out with Fec.  I met him a little over a year ago, and moving from twitter to IRC was actually his suggestion (so I think we should all thank him since nearly everyone agrees that IRC is a better drinkalong environment than twitter was).  He’s an awesome example of humanity, and even though we already had a drinkalong scheduled for near his birthday (Spinal Tap, in case you were wondering), I insisted that he pick a movie he wanted to watch as a group because I AM PUSHY AS HELL.

He chose In Bruges, and I scheduled it for this week because it seemed like a good follow up to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (even though I’ve never seen this one, either).  THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM SCHEDULING MOVIES I HAVEN’T SEEN WITHOUT WATCHING THEM BEFOREHAND.  I say this because I hate having to choose between actually watching the movie or participating in the chat.  That’s no fun.  Especially cos it makes people question whether I’ve become too drunk to continue talking.  I SWEAR I AM JUST WATCHING THE MOVIE, YOU GUYS.

In Bruges drinking game


See you all tonight!

ps.  Drinkalongs are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Click over to the Upcoming Drinkalongs page to check it out.  Yes, we’re doing two for my birthday.  Because it’s my blog, so fuck you I do what I want.


Birthday Drinkalong: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

YOU GUYS!  You guys, it is time for Herc’s Birthday Drinkalong.

chardee macdennis

He knows why this is here.


Well, I mean, almost time.  I’m totally writing this the night before because he’s got me so excited about drinking along to a movie I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that I can’t help but post early.

I’ve known Herc since…forfuckingever.  Like, really.  He is one of my internet friends I’ve known the longest, and he’s one of my all time favourite people in the entire world.  I feel like that should be a title, yeah?  Herc is one of My All Time Favourite People in the Entire World.  Yes.  That’s better.  If you are not already friends with him, you totally should be.  He is that fantastic.

Anyway, his birthday is Sunday, and he chose Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  By the time the movie is over, it will be his birthday on the east coast.  If you don’t wish him a happy birthday after reading this, I will not want to be your friend any longer.  I am totally serious about this.

Now listen.  In addition to it being Herc’s birthday drinkalong day, it is ALSO MT’s ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.  You may recall that she decided to share JCSS with Sarah for her drinkalong; the whole thing is needlessly complicated, but simple if you actually pay attention.  But still.  Wish her a happy fucking birthday, too, okay?  If I’m being completely honest, she is also on the shortlist for My All Time Favourite People in the Entire World.  What the hell is going on with the end of May?!  This is ridiculous.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Drinkalong

I am an asshole and made him make up the rules for his own drinkalong. IN MY DEFENSE, I DON’T THINK I’VE SEEN THIS MOVIE, SO HOW WOULD I EVEN DO THAT?! But for srs, then he went above and beyond with this hot little number. Click to embiggen.

I’m not going to SAY you should totally be there, but…you should totally be there.

Birthday Drinkalong: Tank Girl

Excerpt from a conversation earlier this week.

Me:  Do you want to come up with rules for your birthday drinkalong?

Ceridwen:  Hmm, lessee. If I say, drink every time someone says Water & Power, everyone will die.

tank girl unconscious gif

So, Ceridwen is this awesome lady I met back when goodreads didn’t totally suck.  Over the last few years, I’ve come to enjoy her presence living in my computer quite a bit, and was super excited when she started joining the drinkalongs last summer after we made the switch to IRC (she is ON twitter, but is not the biggest fan; you should get off her lawn).  Her birthday was last month, but she [gasp] actually has a real life on weekends sometimes, so we scheduled her birthday drinkalong for today.  AND SHE CHOSE TANK GIRL, WHICH MEANS THAT IF I DIDN’T LOVE HER ALREADY I TOTALLY WOULD NOW.

It's super rainy outside, so the lighting at my table is terrible.  Deal with it.  Also, pretend I left myself room to draw some shitty stick figures doing the things we'll be drinking for.

It’s super rainy outside, so the lighting at my table is terrible. Deal with it. Also, pretend I left myself room to draw some shitty stick figures doing the things we’ll be drinking for.

Same time as always, same channel as always.  Make sure you show up to wish Ceridwen a Happy (super late) Birthday.  See you tonight!

True Romance Drinkalong

white boy day

Somehow I almost forgot it was white boy day, because I kept thinking it was Friday and that I didn’t have to do any of this prep stuff until tomorrow.  OOPS.  But I’m here, the junk no one will pay attention to is ready, and I CAN’T WAIT to watch this movie with you guys tonight.

This is another one of those that I think people probably hate watching with me, because I crack up about shit before it happens and say pretty much every line of dialogue under my breath.  I’m kind of the worst.

True Romance Drinking Game

I know. It’s terrible. I already said I was the worst, what more do you want from me?!

Also, we’re watching the Unrated Director’s Cut.  If you do not own it, it is available to rent on Amazon.  Running time is two hours, one minute, Herc.

Birthday Drinkalong: Jesus Christ Superstar

What is going on here?  I am suddenly excited about this.

What is going on here? I am suddenly excited about this.

So, Sarah’s birthday happened near the end of our Purple Rain drinkalong.  I felt kind of bad that she didn’t get to choose a movie for her own birthday, so told her to pick something she wanted to see and we’d watch it after all of the scheduled things were up.  ALL THE SCHEDULED THINGS ARE UP, SO IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE SARAH’S BIRTHDAY BY GETTING DRUNK TO A ROCK OPERA…and also MT’s cos even though hers isn’t til later in the month, she also loves this movie and wanted to get in on the action.

In fact, most of May is dedicated to birthday drinkalongs.  If you participate with any sort of regularity, start thinking about what movie you want us to watch for YOUR birthday, okay?  ❤

  • Countdown Timer
  • How to IRC
  • Rules (Sarah made up the rules and I wrote them down cos it was faster than making a shitty graphic):

JCSS drinkalong

Happy late birthday, Sarah!  Happy early birthday, MT!  ❤ ❤ ❤