This is Spinal Tap Drinkalong


Okay, so, confession:

I have only seen This is Spinal Tap in its entirety once.  And I was in my 20s.  I’d seen bits and pieces of it (enough to get the constant references and jokes) because I have always had a problem with falling asleep during movies.  Always.  One of my regular crew in high school was OBSESSED with this movie and tried to make me watch it at least 20 times, but I always fell asleep and woke up, then went back to sleep.

It wasn’t until my husband started singing “Big Bottom” at me one day and I said “stop making up songs about my butt” and I thought he was going to divorce me that I sat through it (and loved it, obviously, DON’T HATE ME, OKAY?).

Sidenote:  Do not search for Big Bottom without the Spinal Tap qualifier.  Unless you’re into that, then go ahead.

Anyway, this was supposed to be the last of our music themed drinkalongs, but then Sarah chose Jesus Christ Superstar as her birthday drinkalong, so I guess the music will continue for another week.

  • Countdown Timer
  • How to IRC
  • Rules – I have no rules.  I’ve been down with a stomach bug for a lot of this week, so haven’t even given this drinkalong a whole lot of thought.  I’m feeling a lot better today, but still can’t concentrate on rules.  This looks like it might kill us.  Have at it.

See you tonight!

stupid clever


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