Empire Records Drinkalong


I’ve realized recently that Empire Records is one of those movies where you kind of had to be there.  Not that it’s not accessible for everyone, but that if you weren’t a teen in the 90s, you’ve likely never seen it.  Or, more specifically, if you weren’t in high school or junior high in the MID-90s.  This makes me sad, cos it’s just so fantastic.

We don’t usually do mid-week drinkalongs, but we’re making an exception this time cos it’s


WE ARE DOING THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY THIS TIME.  Remember when we did #RyeWit and I found the Slate Wes Anderson Bingo cards?  I decided to find something to allow me to create Empire Records Bingo and it’s kind of amazing.  The cards don’t have to be printed out, you can just open them up in your browser (even mobile!) and click on a square to mark it!  Yay!  If this works well, maybe we’ll use it again for future drinkalongs?  Idk, you’ll have to let me know.

If you still have no idea, let Susie explain all about Rex Manning Day.

See you guys tonight!



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