Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Mean Girls


We first watched Mean Girls in November of 2013.  I’d been wanting to do a Mean Girls drinkalong from the very FIRST drinkalong, but it kept getting pushed out of the way for other (lesser) movies.  I was re-reading the Storify for this drinkalong while preparing to write this post and we were all WAY TOO TRASHED not even an hour into the movie.  Apparently I got up and danced throughout the entirety of the closing credits, which I have little recollection of, but I know it was a terrible idea.  Terrible.

Keeping how VERY drunk we were in mind, I’ve gone with fewer rules this time AND will be switching between booze and Gatorade so I don’t pass out.

Mean Girls Drinkalong

Mean Girls is streaming on Netflix again, so if you don’t own it, you can find it there.  See you all tonight!


2 thoughts on “Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Mean Girls

  1. Tried to log in to IRC following the instructions, and was unable to find the #Drinkalong room, and now I’m too upset about the whole thing to enjoy the movie. Hope you all had fun!

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