Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Ghostbusters

ghostbusters dancing gif

We did the first Ghostbusters drinkalong in April of last year.  It was the day of the 24 hour readalong, and I decided to take a break from reading to get drunk with you guys, but I don’t think I ever really went back to reading.

Today I’m too tired to write a real post, so I’m just posting this stuff, then going to fall asleep while binge-watching season one of Kim Possible with my kids.


Sidenote:  If you have a birthday coming up after the drinkalongs that are already scheduled, and you PARTICIPATE SEMI-REGULARLY, let me know what movie you’d like to watch the week of your birthday. ❤

(I say semi-regularly cos I don’t want people who barely ever show up to think we’ll watch a movie for them.  Sorry, non-regulars.  I still love you, just not as much.)


Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I had plans to write this whole thing about how Ferris was the first movie we watched twice (back to back on the same night) and how somehow things lined up so that we’re watching it one year from our first watch (no joke, it was March 22, 2014) but then my mom offered to take the kids this morning so I went back to bed and just now got up.

Now I don’t really feel like typing much of anything because I’m in the middle of a don’t-quite-know-what-to-do-with-myself Kid Free day.

fbdo drinkalong

See you guys tonight!

ferris go home gif

Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Mean Girls


We first watched Mean Girls in November of 2013.  I’d been wanting to do a Mean Girls drinkalong from the very FIRST drinkalong, but it kept getting pushed out of the way for other (lesser) movies.  I was re-reading the Storify for this drinkalong while preparing to write this post and we were all WAY TOO TRASHED not even an hour into the movie.  Apparently I got up and danced throughout the entirety of the closing credits, which I have little recollection of, but I know it was a terrible idea.  Terrible.

Keeping how VERY drunk we were in mind, I’ve gone with fewer rules this time AND will be switching between booze and Gatorade so I don’t pass out.

Mean Girls Drinkalong

Mean Girls is streaming on Netflix again, so if you don’t own it, you can find it there.  See you all tonight!

Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Time for a bit of Drinkalong History, for those of you who haven’t been with us from the beginning.

sir robin

The summer of 2012, I hosted this mega group read of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.  I ranted enough about the movies in the posts (and mentioned that every time someone said Rohan on screen that I shouted ROHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! and drank) that people thought it would be super hilarious to get me drunk and watch them with me, but since we all live in farflung corners of the world, we decided to meet up on twitter and play silly drinking games.

As we neared the end of the LotR movies, people started talking about how sad they were going to be that we no longer met up on the weekends to drink and snark on movies, and Holy Grail was the first movie we watched that…well, that I actually wanted to watch.

Looking back over the Storify for this drinkalong (which, holy shit, I’m so glad I don’t do those anymore), I was kind of surprised to see that there were only four people present, cos it felt like there were so many more.  Rewatching Holy Grail was actually Heather’s idea; this is one of only 3 drinkalongs that she’s missed over our entire run.  That’s dedication.

Anyway, I don’t even remember where I was going with this.  I need to stop writing while kids are being distracting.

See you tonight, guys!