Gun Shy Drinkalong

Gun Shy is one of my favourite movies that no one has ever seen.  Or, if they’ve seen it, it’s cos I forced them to watch it.  Much like you guys tonight.

Husband and I bought this on VHS (inorite?) for a dollar at Hollywood Video when they were liquidating their inventory.  The tape died and for a while it was almost impossible to find on DVD, but we eventually found it and we’ve watched it at least once a year since then.  Usually more frequently than that.

You might hate it, but I hope you won’t.

Don’t forget, we’re starting 15 minutes earlier than we have been.  DON’T BE LATE.  Also, check out the Upcoming Drinkalongs page, all of March is sorted.  We’ll be revisiting some of the most popular movies we’ve already drunkalong to.

See you tonight!


What’s that? We’re back?

elaine excited


I know, it’s been forever, right?  Yeah, well…life has kicked me in the neck for the last several months, but things have finally settled down and we have reliable internet at home and that means…the RETURN OF THE DRINKALONG!

So, um…set your calendars for this Saturday, February 28th at TEN THIRTY PM (10:30pm) EASTERN.  We’ll be watching Gun Shy, one of my favourite movies.  After that, Heather and I were thinking a Drinkalong’s Greatest Hits might be fun.  We would rewatch some of the most popular/fun movies we’ve done in the past.  I hope that sounds good to everyone, cos you’re stuck with it.