The Crow Drinkalong


The same friend that introduced me to h2g2 introduced me to The Crow comics.  When the movie came out, it didn’t play at the one theatre I had within driving distance, but I was able to reserve it from our local rental place and was the first person to rent their copy.  BECAUSE REMEMBER RENTING VIDEOS, GUYS?

Before I was a pedantic asshole about film adaptations, I watched the shit out of this movie.  Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  I had this giant poster of Eric (that fucker was at least 6 feet long and it scared the shit out of my little brother) on my wall, and made myself hate the soundtrack cos I listened to it so. many. times.

My dad calls my husband and I Eric and Shelly on our anniversary (Hallowe’en) no matter how many times I tell him that’s probably not appropriate.  So, anyway.  I’m excited about tonight.

Srsly, guys.  Don’t fucking die on me by following every rule.  I will not accept responsibility.

The crow gif


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