Nightmare Before Christmas Drinkalong


I have a lot of happy memories tied up with this movie.  I watched it over and over with two particular friends when I was in high school, and then when they re-released it in 3d in theatres, I used to take my oldest to see it on Mommy-Son dates.  He and I rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday countless times when we had annual passes to Disneyland and would walk around the park singing Kidnap the Sandy Claws at the top of our lungs.

He’ll prolly be pissed when he finds out I’m watching it tonight without him.  Oops.

If you need help accessing IRC, please make sure to visit the tutorial I posted.  Also, I’ve updated the shit out of the Upcoming Drinkalongs page, so check that out, too.

See you tonight!

lock shock and barrel


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